Saturday, January 26, 2008


Happy birthday liang yin

New generations+PWC haha, and her present

What m i doing? Cheerfull Mi MI and YYY


Ming shien dong lu, 521.

Cheap and nice food

Before my one day trip, let's have a hui wing breakfast :D

Taipei 101....

inside of 101..

Surrounding of 101

Below is the world trade center, just opposite 101. By the way, there is a game exhibition, 200yuan per entry.

Crowded, all youngsters :D

Marketing strategy!

After that, lunch time. 180yuan only.

Next destination, Xi Meng Ting :D

Last destination, is the largest night market in taipei! Shilin Yea Shi

Bought a card holder from Muji and rubbish from Game fair.hahaha