Saturday, September 13, 2008


We celebrate her birthday in ROADHOUSESES GRILL.

The food is ok only and they serve peanut. The peanut is nice and the boss told us to throw peanut shell to the floor haha.

She got Winnie the Pooh birthday Cake haha.

Funny thing is the toilet is not allow to shit! haha.

Ipoh trip 31celebration

We reached around 9+am, crowded!

"san Poh"Cave

The pool is dirty but the fish is pretty!??


Mix Vege rice is Nice.
Kellie Castle

Entry fees for kellies castle is RM4, but inside has nothing!

After that we eat salt chicken then eat "Aak Choi Kei" at xxx road

We choose Ong kee and heard this is not the best too.

Lastly, my favourite...